revised.banner-advert.jpgEmbracing all of humanity and resisting the oppression of such a fucking dictative assembly!


We live in a world that progressively dictates inverted perspectives, a world in which our expression of creativity and strength is muted and oppressed.  We are continuously having to fight for our right for expression, diversity and assertion in a society of conformity. 

Humanity & Equality 

Supporting equal rights for all people no matter their Gender, ethnicity, race, class, religion, nationality, sexuality, philosophy or lifestyle.  

This is crucial to the preservation of mankind.

f.LUID NYC REVOLUTION believes in bringing society together as an entire entity on a global level., to break down the barriers of segregation that have been created within our communities everywhere.

We thrive on stopping the segregation and not to define one another as separate entities. 

Celebrate the differences between all of us and let's embrace the diversity of our existence.